In this time and age, having stress and anxiety is next to inevitable. Managing work, relationships and mental health can be a great deal, right? Almost 70% of adults in this era live with constant stress and anxiety daily. To help you get rid of this distress, here are some tips on how to manageContinue reading “HOW TO MANAGE STRESS & ANXIETY?”


HELLO EVERYONE  !!! I hope you are doing wonderful in life . I BELIEVE LIFE IS A REFLECTION OF YOUR THOUGHTS WHATEVER YOU THINK YOU BRING ABOUT. Back in 2010 i wanted to be a Class one Officer,.. the only reason was the upliftment of the Humanity Women, Girls and underprivileged children, to bring changesContinue reading “PROLOGUE OF MY LIFE… LIGHTWORKER IN MAKING …”

We can Create the Life we Want.

Life is what we make it , whether you believe it or not. You create your own world weather consciously or subconsciously.  Whatever you think and feel most you attract it to yourself, in your life. That’s why people have been saying to think positive to bring positive. We create by our thoughts and feelings.Continue reading “We can Create the Life we Want.”

Christmas & Being Thankful To God.

It’s almost Christmas now and end of the year 2017 coming up. I’m extremely thankful to God for a wonderful year. This year passed,  actually flied , i don’t even realise how fast time flies. And all i’m feeling right now is that, one should live in every moment and to the fullest and StayContinue reading “Christmas & Being Thankful To God.”

Light up your Mirror & Room to light Up your Life… ❤️

I Love Lights especially when the background is dark. Maybe in my Sub Conscious mind i somewhere love The Belief that there’s always a little bit of hope in the times of darkness. That hope’s comes in when you trust. I’m someone who is Optimistic in nature. I always find a reason of being PositiveContinue reading “Light up your Mirror & Room to light Up your Life… ❤️”


Joy of healing

Life is What you want it to be.

Life is what you think it is. You feel its beautiful it will be. You feel its a struggle it will be. Life is what you think it is. Your outer life is a reflection of your inner thoughts. If you are cursing more you’ll feel it more difficult. Start seeing the good things inContinue reading “Life is What you want it to be.”

Following your Bliss to be joyful.

Ever since I realized what is actual happiness in life and I manage myself.  Happiness ain’t permanent joy is. When you feel contend or  feel good doing something you love you feel joy . Every person loves some or other activities that brinsg joy. Some loves playing guitar , some as helping the needy ,Continue reading “Following your Bliss to be joyful.”

International Day Of Happiness TO-DO LIST

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this year make a difference! 20th of march is around the corner….gear up everyone, this year lets make a difference! Here is a list of simple things you may do on the international day of happiness to make others happy and stay happy altogether. MAKE A COLLAGE old pictures, funny pictures,…

I was wishing for a True love & i found you !!

This is the start of my fairytale real life story. Every girl from her very small age wish &  wanted her Prince Charming.  As she grew up watching Cinderella &  Repunzale like fairytale in which one fine beautiful day. A handsome guy will come &  take her out from the misery to a beautiful placeContinue reading “I was wishing for a True love & i found you !!”