International Day Of Happiness TO-DO LIST

International day of happiness !!

This could be a day on which any person can bring smiles to your loved ones as well as unknown person : – i wanted to add few points to this wonderful post.

#1 : – Giving gives happiness in you.
do something for someone else without any benefits in your mind. Donate, give or share… It will definitely bring a little smile. Give those slum kids some books or old clothes to wear or new ones… Give them toys and stationary. Give food or treat of really awesome taste such as few burgers of Mc Donald’s among children who can’t afford or some Kfc’s stuff. I’m sure they’ll be so happy & delighted to have so.

#2 – surprise your old buddy by visiting uninformed. With a small gift, a bottle of beer, or with a bouquet of flowers or a good book. Anything that can be special for that person. I’m sure you’ll bring a smile on their face.

#3 – get a spa booking for your best friend , mom, sister, wife, husband or any friend. As a gift they’ll be so happy. 😀

#4 – just listen to any of your friends life’s issues and problems and I’m sure she find thankful and later on can share some moments of happiness.

#5 – make some handmade goodies or cookies and just give them in your neighbourhood. Everyone will smile cause of your little small beautiful act.

Thanks so much to read it. Thanks sana to share it with us. 🙂 🙂

Love – Apeksha R.


this year make a difference! this year make a difference!

20th of march is around the corner….gear up everyone, this year lets make a difference!

Here is a list of simple things you may do on the international day of happiness to make others happy and stay happy altogether.

    old pictures, funny pictures, censored pictures 😛 include all in the collage that you will make for your near and dear ones. This act of yours will surely bring smile on their face, and this will bring out on the happy moments of one’s life. Wait a moment you can make it for yourself too!
    want to be happy ? don’t be dependent on others to pamper you, do it yourself, go buy something which will make you happy, use this day to make yourself happy, eat whatever you want to because its a day to make yourself happy!

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I was wishing for a True love & i found you !!

This is the start of my fairytale real life story. Every girl from her very small age wish &  wanted her Prince Charming.  As she grew up watching Cinderella &  Repunzale like fairytale in which one fine beautiful day. A handsome guy will come &  take her out from the misery to a beautiful place forever.
So,  it happened to me too..!!  I still amaze how incredibly impossible it is to find a True love.  But where there is will there’s always a way.  I wanted someone who’ll love me for who I’m. Someone always there beside me.  And believe me it wasn’t easy to stay Strong and patient. But then as it’s said –  After every dark night it’s a bright SunRise.  !! 
I wanted him,  so i made a list of his traits of all the good qualities &  his likes and dislikes.  Like the question we have in slam books.  And kept those papers hidden in one of my books. Almost, after one and half years  i met the guy. One day, While arranging my books i found those pages. Just couple months before i started dating him. So, I picked up my mobile &;  gave him a buzz… !! And Told him that –  i have found a list of things i wanted it to be in my partner’s personality and guess what . You are exactly the same !! He was amazed & didn’t believe my words, but i proved him by showing it. The papers were all pale in colour.
  I realised that I attracted him in my life.  Law of attraction !!  ” Whatever it is if you can imagine,  feel ,  visualise you can have it your reality ” .  In all these days when he wasn’t there i just wanted a true love,  a best friend, who will accept me the way I’m, who will love me for who I’m .  I’m really grateful to God that i found him.  I’m really thankful to be with him.  We’ve gone through ups and downs but i believe that a beautiful relationship is only when.

      When you appreciate the good in your partner and try to accept the flaws.  When you value your relationship more than your ego.  When you adjust and adapt according to conditions.

When you love someone,  you give your best to make it worth though you face difficulties at times.



I’m describing this just to share that life is too short to keep grudges or not being happy.  Hope is the strongest of all. Everyone deserves Love. If you hope that you will find true love someday. Believe me you will.  Just keep believing &  living the life with hope. Life will surprise you in the most unexpected way….  It always does and always will. Thanks. 

Apeksha. R

Quotes #gratitude

Just before going to my Dreamland,  I think about you…. 💜    I think about my all the beautiful desires….😇  I wish all that is good for you &  me,  I thank God for all the things I have. My Love,  my family ,  and this beautiful Journey of Life  And that’s how my day ends…  With Gratitude !!

A Beautiful morning !!

It was a cold winter morning,  of December 2013. I was awake and started walking towards the gate to open &  see the view from the terrace as my room was a small one on the terrace.  I didn’t wake up early everyday but today I felt how beautiful it is too wake up early. The moment i came out of the room.

The light breeze touched me softly it was cold but soothing. I heard the tweeting of the birds,  far away i saw the sun rising above spreading it’s rays all over.  The sky makes me wonder in aww as it has so many vibrant colours. It makes me feel every little second lively. I felt peaceful just sitting and observing the gift of nature. The flowers that blooms,  the trees moving cause of the wind.  The freshness is the air,  the sounds of birds.  I felt so wonderful in this morning and felt the beauty  of life. When we see the beauty in small things and just lost in the moment.  I believe life will turn full of wonders,  full of beauty.

I’m just Thankful that I got up today a little earlier than i do usually &  experienced this amazement.  I love the Shine of Sun as it’s not too sharp to look at. And I’m pretty sure the day will turn out as beautiful as the morning because I started it with a smile.  I wish God Bless me to feel all the beautiful morning of my Life.