Success is Balance in all the areas of Life.. career, finance, health & relationship…

In Here, Every individual is going through some kind of struggle , some with health, financial or relationship issues… but some people have a tendency to over burden themselves by thinking negatively continuously….. and few stay Optimistic and go through the time…. Success is different for every individual… for some people getting a govt job is success, for some is to marry a rich man /woman and for some is following there dreams… i believe success is when you have abundance in all the areas of Your life i. e Career, financial, Relationship, taking out time for yourself and desires ..!! Everything should have abundance and balance. But however… its not easy for everyone to do it. There are many people who manage it well. That’s the secret to happiness. To get everything in one life. To balance Everything is like an Art. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Sometimes people make a negative pattern and they don’t know how get back on track….. Every big disease is a cause of negative thoughts and continues stress over mind and body…. if there’s a possibility to cure and change your world.

i think every individual needs counselling and a Psychologist at some point of time… !!

we Indian still don’t believe in Psychological counselling or in Holistic approach. Open your mind & think out of the box.

Discovering the Rainbow bridge…

you are about to go on a journey through the many dimensions of your own self. This journey will take you through a transformation of consciousness – across a vital bridge – connecting spirit and matter , heaven and earth , mind and body.

The seven colors of the rainbow represent an alternative to our binary black and white consciousness , offering us a world of wonderful opportunities. THE RAINBOW EXPRESS THE DIVERSITY OF LIGHT AS IT MOVES FROM THE SOURCE TO Manifestation…..

Open all your chakras… Re-energize and Balance all the 7 chakras bring yourself in alignment… Bring the changes, the transformation you are looking forward to since so long. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ If you need help a Reiki Healer, LIFE COACH will be definitely around you to help.

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Make your Babies better Humans…

when a baby is born… he/ she is so pure full of amazement and wonders…. Everything is new for him or her, everything to learn from. What we adults do is we give them wrong learnings of differences instead of unity, instead of teaching to love we taught them to hate unknowingly…. we teach them to run after money or power….. we Create schemes and norms in their minds. They become someone they might not want to be…… Babies have a clean slate….. teach them how to love purely, how to value relationships , Humanitarianism, care, over money and How to Live in peace and joy, how to make peace instead of fighting.

Make them individuals with greater perspective, make them understand how great can love be for all the living beings….. you are the parents… you must take an initiative to make them better human being than you yourself are….. ❤️

Parents of Small Children and Babies, also Expecting Parents can book an appointment for Parenting Tips and sessions … and Councelling. Elysian Foundation ©️

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We can Create the Life we Want.

The Eternal Sunshine

Life is what we make it , whether you believe it or not. You create your own world weather consciously or subconsciously.  Whatever you think and feel most you attract it to yourself, in your life. That’s why people have been saying to think positive to bring positive.

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We create by our thoughts and feelings. It’s not something I just believe it’s been proven by quantum physists and researchers.

The choice is if we are creating unconsciously or consciously. Everyone have the ability to create, to create a life of their own choices.

When we unconsciously create, we see life as happening to us. We worry and focus on all that is not working.  Life mirrors that back to us.  When we consciously create we look at our beliefs, our thoughts and our actions.  We throw out what does not belong there.  We set clear intentions, and willingness .  We…

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I hope you are doing wonderful in life . I BELIEVE LIFE IS A REFLECTION OF YOUR THOUGHTS WHATEVER YOU THINK YOU BRING ABOUT. Back in 2010 i wanted to be a Class one Officer,.. the only reason was the upliftment of the Humanity Women, Girls and underprivileged children, to bring changes in the society, to bring consciousness and become an icon for others… someone to look upon… i wanted to become a motivation for others…  but with time i realised that the core reason was to bring light in the world and for that i need to be free , from the usual pattern , from boundaries of small mind set and to have the ultimate freedom.

Being a psychologist is much better for me as it gave me a new perspective about life , about people and greater understanding about humanity and everything in our global environment. My goals are bigger than i ever realised. I wanted to make this world a more better beautiful place. I think so if every individual make initiative  and wanted peace and abundance for others . I BELIEVE THINGS CAN CHANGE . I  really wanted to connect with all wonderful souls who are willing to come forward and help in bringing light in here. To help the poor , to speak for animals and to care for our mother earth , to give motivation to live a better healthy life.  THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS. WE BRING IN  WHAT WE MOST THINK ABOUT.  I want to Motivate others , uplift others and bring joy and abundance and a happier better environment .






I Will follow my Path, No matter what..

In this World if everyone is Happy with/For you then you certainly have problem within … ajkal pata chal rha how many people genuinely likes me and how many don’t…

People either come closer when you are #Rich and #Famous or they Go far… cause they can’t see you #Successful at all. I’m encountering so many revelation these days… I feel immensely #Happy and #Surprised actually shocked by seeing the changes in people’s attitude.
At the same time i get to knw who are Fake, who aren’t. See no matter what, I’ll always live a happier and My #Best #life… cause that’s what I’m #Best at… Being a #Psychologist my #profession is to help others, to make them live better than before …. healthier & Happier. ❤️

To All the haters…. your hatred will not change the #love i carry for others, the #Humanitarian attitude i have , I’m #Awesome, Happy and will continue working towards bringing #Light in others life. I’m a Healer & #Lightworker . (Now Google it what does it mean )

So just Chill out and if you don’t like me or my lifestyle or my posts …. Stay out of it and unfollow & unfriend me at the same time. I’ll be happy for you and myself.

One more thing… i don’t show off, or try to Portray anything … I’m what I’m here on Facebook and in my Personal Life… no hidden agendas…
I’m a #True Soul, the Purity, is real….. Yeah !!! damn i live a Happy life and i #inspire others too to live a #happier life… its a inside job not an outside one… ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ( Try to understand the last line it’s deep)

Lastly, a kind suggestion try to be a little genuine and true, little pure… i hope you will see a grand change in your life..

Stop envying me n #Start Living. lots of #love and #blessings to everyone reading this 😚😚😚💖💖💖😍😍😍🌼🌼🌼😇😇😇

Being a Lightworker..

After working with Nicotex Chewing while in Lybrate…. ….. i have realised and have grown myself as a Psychologist. Making people motivated towards leaving smoking was my job.. Since i was a 6yr old, i hated people smoking whether in public and private. I feel God wants me to work with people who had difficulties quitting their addiction. Whenever after a session with a client by the end,  whenever the client said… Thank you so much mam you made me feel motivated and from now on i will stop smoking, Brought a smile to my face.   Now after completely focusing on the improvement of others life by being a Motivational Speaker (Elysian Foundation, India) .. i feel beautiful, humble and wonderful at Heart. I have gone through a lot and through that darkness i found my own light from within.  That was a Spark and Now I’m a Blazing Fire… to help others and Make them find their peace, to make them happy individuals. ❤️ images (58)

i still remember when i was hardly 14 yrs old i went crazy collecting money all alone in my society for cleaning the garden area and doing all the plantation of small plants and tress all alone. I remember that was the first act towards environment from my side…. Still lot more to do. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

As if i was born to do this, i was born to be a Healer and to be  a lightworker that makes me so happy and contend. It was my calling since childhood to help others , to bring light, to motivate, to make peace and make this planet a happier place.   Lots of love and blessings for everyone out there.






Change is Painful but inevitable

Change is painful, but inevitable. Sometimes you won’t understand what’s happening, you may think things are not meant to be. You may feel dejected, sad. But STOP!! Stop being miserable, stop giving up. Don’t back down. You are at the dawn of a new lesson in your life. Keep working, don’t stop. Scared of something? Face it with your head held high.

Face your Fears and you’ll be free forever… ❤️

Everyone is afraid. I am, you are, everyone is! The only difference between you and the successful people you admire is that they are willing to work and move through their fears in order to get where they want to be. If you don’t learn how to face your fear it will grip your mind, body, and spirit. It will wage a war against you and your dreams. Know this need not be. Once you understand how you can dissipate fear, it shrinks and is no longer a threat. Fear is a conditioned response, a life-draining habit that can easily consume our energy, creativity and spirit if we are not careful. When fear rears its ugly head, beat it down quickly. The best way to do that is to do the thing we fear. Fast.