Christmas & Being Thankful To God.

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It’s almost Christmas now and end of the year 2017 coming up. I’m extremely thankful to God for a wonderful year. This year passed,  actually flied , i don’t even realise how fast time flies. And all i’m feeling right now is that, one should live in every moment and to the fullest and Stay grateful to God for everything you have, start from yourself, to be born, to live, for your loved ones, for your job, for the abundance and everything you have that is important or essential for you. God is always there every where, prayers can be done while being anywhere . You don’t have to go church always. God wants you to remember him in sadness and in happiness too. What i believe is one should always give  thanks to God for , for whatever he/she has been given.

Christmas, Thanksgiving and all the holidays lined up to make you feel alive and blessed and to live and spend time with your family…. i wish each and everyone lots of blessings and love. And wish that everyone should be grateful to God always and in every situation as this way one feels positive and always bring more good things to be Grateful and thankful for.

This year was a roller coaster ride for me. I loved it cause i got to learn and grow so much. i worked for a multi national company as a Psychologist for 3 months and realised how people work in here. Those 3 months were the hardest for me, i had no time for myself, for my love, my family. i I felt like an robot and realised so  soon that I can’t work like this.  It felt time bound and blocked. I’m happy to work at this place as i learned and valued my time and my loved ones more. I felt a craving to do something of my own so that i can help others and still earn and live a blissfull life.

I always wanted to be loved and cared so much like everyone does, my love showed me in all the ways  how special and precious I’m for him.. ❤️ and I’m extremely grateful to him to love me and hold me and guide me.  My Family and all my friends who were  there for me always to guide me and love me, Thank you all.

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Life is Unpredictable and you don’t even know what’s next.  ❤️ I feel one should live fullest, travel and give love to your loved ones as well and do and give contributions to the well being of Humanity and the Living Beings. This is the end of another year and beginning of another.  In hindi it’s said…. Samay bitata h par kat te hum hai… it means Time flies but we are the who is ageing.

So guys, love more lives more, give more and Stay Blessed and Grateful. Say Thanks to Jesus and ask for forgiveness to be too busy with work and give time to your family, your parents, your children. ❤️

Happy Holidays,A very Merry Christmas and a Wonderful Happy  New Year 2018. lots of love Apeksha Raj.

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