Love Gets Stronger Day by Day…. ❤️

Love is the most strongest positive energy of the Universe. It’s the Emotion every individual feels, the intensity, the passion, the drive, the craving, the emotion…. Everything feels like a roller-coaster ride. Love is Beautiful. When both the partners are in it. When both gives awau their ego for the sake of their relationship. They love purely. As i believe Life is simple we humans have made it complicated. By keeping endless expectations from our partners from our loved ones. Relationships are never Complicated you make them. as it’s said what you sow you cut. Being a Psychologist and a Relationship advisor, i would simply say Any relationship can be turned beautiful if you keep these things in mind. Aprreciation – Always appreciate your partners efforts to make you happy or the relationship work. Being Grateful & Thankful – Always be grateful for your partner as there are people who are single since age. Be Grateful that someone loves you and wants to be with you. Always make you partner feel that you are Blessed to be with them. Things are not going good right now, don’t worry they will. Start being thankful and you will see wonderful changes in your relationship. Give Respect to get Respect – Being an Indian we are taught from Childhood that if you can’t respect someone you can’t love them. Respect is essential, very important part in a relationship. Always Respect your partner. As it’s a two way thing. you get what you Give. Trust – Is another strong pillar to dwell a beautiful relationship. Always trust your partner, if you can’t then don’t stay there. As it will always create doubt and doubt means troubles. Shower with Love – Always show Love no matter how many months or years have been since you are dating or are married. Always make your partner feels loved and see you special. The list goes on but for today this is it. I hope you guys find my tips helpful in your relationships. Happy Reading, Happy Living, Happy Loving.

Published by The Eternal Sunshine

I'm a #Psychologist, #Life #Coach, #Relationship Advisor, a #Councellor, #Motivational Speaker, Writer, Blogger, Fashion Designer, Fashion Stylist and a Fitness Motivator. I'm also someone who wants to make this world a better place. ❤️ As a Person I'm a girl full of wonderful Dreams & make efforts to achieve them too.. Full of Positivity and liveliness. I'm here to share my views, and express my experience with all the wonderful people , around the world. And looking forward for lot many beautiful things ahead in life. Thanks Stay Blessed and Smiling always.

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