Stay Fit Stay hydrated and Stay Fresh in Summers

Scorching sun above , here are few tips to stay hydrated and fresh during workouts sessions :-


Fruits & Veggies are your Best Friends :-Have lots of Fresh fruits. Especially – Strawberries (90% water ) & Tomatoes (rich in vitamin C & Fibre) , Watermelon   , Cucumber , Lettuce (keep you hydrated ) . Have Fibre rich diet to loose fat , as it makes you feel full Fibre i.e Fruits and veggies salads.


Drink it down : –
Begin exercise well-hydrated. Drink plenty of fluids the day before and within the hour before, during and after your exercise session.

–  Drinking 2-4 glass of lemon water and icey cold water helps to loose fat faster (body burn few calories to turn the temperature acc. to body temp.). You Can Consume , Coconut Water Butter Milk . Shakes and smoothies are first love in summers.


–   Following strenuous exercise,you need protein to build muscle, carbohydrates to refuel muscle, electrolytes to replenish what’s lost in sweat. Low-fat chocolate milk is a perfect for all of the above.

– who experience high sodium losses, eat salty foods in a pre-exercise meal or add an appropriate amount of salt to your drinks.

Wear light colored and lightweighted clothing.
Heavyweight, tight-fitting clothing will also heat up. Keep it loose & light. More air will be able to circulate over your skin, keeping you cool.

Avoid the hottest part of the day for working out –
Rise early to catch the cool of the morning, or go out at sunset or later. In the heat of midday. Sign up for an aqua-aerobics class , or jump in a pool.


Keep track of your hydration levels.
To know that you’re hydrating properly is by checking the color of your urine. If it’s pale yellow (think lemonade), you’re well hydrated. If it’s darker (heading toward the color of apple juice), drink more.

Go on for Alcoholiday :-
Avoid alcohol (extremely dehydrating ) the day before or the day of a long exercise , and avoid exercising with a hangover.
    –   Avoid excess caffeine intake too to avoid dehydration. Drink enough water to prevent thirst.

Junk food to Healthy diet :-
    “Axe the junk Food,  oily fries makes stomach bloated. So, move towards a diet rich in vegetables, whole-grains, nuts, olive oil, lean protein and low-fat dairy (frozen Yogurt , Butter Milk )


– Choose carbs with care.
Swap fast-release, refined carbs for slow-burning, unrefined ones: jumbo oats, brown basmati rice, stone-ground wholemeal bread. Small change, big impact.


    –  the last thing one needs are Dry snacks like crackers,or energy bars that require your body to add water. Plus, are often dense with calories, they can easily foil weight-loss goals.

Fitness , is also about the  Positive mindset to have a Healthy body along with diet and drinks .

Stay Fit, Stay Awesome !!
Have Happy Summers Readers 💜😇💜

Apeksha Raj Atulkar ,
Fitness and Self help writer.

Published by The Eternal Sunshine

I'm a #Psychologist, #Life #Coach, #Relationship Advisor, a #Councellor, #Motivational Speaker, Writer, Blogger, Fashion Designer, Fashion Stylist and a Fitness Motivator. I'm also someone who wants to make this world a better place. ❤️ As a Person I'm a girl full of wonderful Dreams & make efforts to achieve them too.. Full of Positivity and liveliness. I'm here to share my views, and express my experience with all the wonderful people , around the world. And looking forward for lot many beautiful things ahead in life. Thanks Stay Blessed and Smiling always.

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