A Beautiful morning !!

It was a cold winter morning,  of December 2013. I was awake and started walking towards the gate to open &  see the view from the terrace as my room was a small one on the terrace.  I didn’t wake up early everyday but today I felt how beautiful it is too wake up early. The moment i came out of the room.

The light breeze touched me softly it was cold but soothing. I heard the tweeting of the birds,  far away i saw the sun rising above spreading it’s rays all over.  The sky makes me wonder in aww as it has so many vibrant colours. It makes me feel every little second lively. I felt peaceful just sitting and observing the gift of nature. The flowers that blooms,  the trees moving cause of the wind.  The freshness is the air,  the sounds of birds.  I felt so wonderful in this morning and felt the beauty  of life. When we see the beauty in small things and just lost in the moment.  I believe life will turn full of wonders,  full of beauty.

I’m just Thankful that I got up today a little earlier than i do usually &  experienced this amazement.  I love the Shine of Sun as it’s not too sharp to look at. And I’m pretty sure the day will turn out as beautiful as the morning because I started it with a smile.  I wish God Bless me to feel all the beautiful morning of my Life.

Published by The Eternal Sunshine

I'm a #Psychologist, #Life #Coach, #Relationship Advisor, a #Councellor, #Motivational Speaker, Writer, Blogger, Fashion Designer, Fashion Stylist and a Fitness Motivator. I'm also someone who wants to make this world a better place. ❤️ As a Person I'm a girl full of wonderful Dreams & make efforts to achieve them too.. Full of Positivity and liveliness. I'm here to share my views, and express my experience with all the wonderful people , around the world. And looking forward for lot many beautiful things ahead in life. Thanks Stay Blessed and Smiling always.

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